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R-3a. R-3aa. R-U. R-3b. R-2b. R-1a. R-1b. R-2a. R-2c. CBD-50. B-2d. B-4. B-5. CBD-60. B-2a. B-1a. CBD-85. B-1b. CBD-100. B-2b. B-2c. CBD-120. CBD-140. The joint CBD school zone, for Adelaide High School and Adelaide Botanic High School, has  All Zoning By-laws which serve to regulate the use of land and the character, This definition shall only apply to the UC(DC) District Commercial, UC(CBD)  Neighborhoods. > Neighborhood Plans and Zoning Central Business District, Repealed by Ordinance No. 2014-09-049. City Center (formerly CBD). PDF. 19 Feb 2019 Syracuse Zoning Rules and Regulations Zoning Ordinance: Full Document Article 2, CBD Office and Service District (CBD-OS), [B-IV-2]. 8 Jan 2020 Other ways to view zoning information. Non-Zoning Parcels Special planning areas such as closed or vacated areas. Overlay Parcel Zoning 4 Apr 2018 PCA Public Center Adjacent District (Restricted Central Business District). TM Transitional-Industrial District. PR. Parks and Recreation District.

Over time, the CBD developed into a center of finance and control for government as well as for office space. In the early 1900s, European and American cities had CBDs that featured primarily retail and commercial cores. In the mid-20th century, the CBD expanded to include office space and commercial businesses, while retail took a back seat.

K. ZONING OR ANNEXED AREAS 1. Any ordinance annexing into the city property that does not have zoning designation under this ordinance shall be accompanied by an ordinance designating the zoning district of said property. 2. Whenever an annexed area abuts a public right-of-way, including a street, alley, or Zoning for Cannabis - Canadian Public Health Association

If a particular use is not classified within a zoning category or land use definition, the The CA overlay district applies to all property zoned CBD or DMU that is 

Central business district - Wikipedia A central business district (CBD) is the commercial and business center of a city. In larger cities, it is often synonymous with the city's "financial district". CBD-R, CBD-P, CBD-C. and CBD-X Downtown Regulations CBD-R, CBD-P, CBD-C. and CBD-X Downtown Regulations d/l'h/G'} Community and Economic Development Committee District for ground-level, pedestrian-oriented, acdve storefront uses.

Zoning for Cannabis - Canadian Public Health Association

Zoning Bylaw 2018. Zoning Bylaw 2018 (18-072) applies to the Downtown Core Area. Zoning Bylaw 2018 (18-072) was approved by Council in July 2018 and is intended to support growth and development by adding new zones to the Central Business District and the Old Town area. Montreal East modifies its zoning to regulate the Cannabis - The City of Montreal East amended its zoning by-law to exclude the cultivation, sale or processing of cannabis from a large part of its commercial and industrial zones. This is to control the practices of the cannabis industry and keep them away from the citizens. By this amendment, the City intends to move businesses away from its residential